Punjabi  kadhi pakora  recipe

1. Add besan,chili powder, salt, garam masala, turmeric, curd.

1. Pour water and whisk properly.

1.Mix onions with besan, ajwan, salt, water,  turmeric,  garam masala, chili powder.

1. Fry pakoras in oil till golden brown and crispy.

1. First saute cumin seed,hing, ginger garlic, then saute onions till translucent 

1. Next saute dried red chili, green chili and fresh curry leaves. 

1. Now add curd slurry , boil kadhi in low flame till it thickens.

1. Stir occassionally then sprinkle salt, garam masala,coriander leaves. 

1. For tadka in a tadka pan melt ghee then add cumin seed, kashmiri red chili powder.

1. Finally add fried pakora in kadhi.  2. Next pour tadka on kadhi pakora and cover the pan.

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