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How to store spices

Dry Roast Spices

Dry roast whole spices in a pan or sun dry them this will free them from  growing fungal and retain their freshness.

To store spices for a longer duration keep them in  an airtight container.

Airtight Container

Never ever keep spices near your gas stoves otherwise the essential oils  and aroma present in the spices evaporate.

Away From Direct Heat

Keep Away From Water

Never use a wet finger or wet spoon to take out spices from the jars. Always use a dry  utensils to pick masalas.

To avoid loose masal being caked up due to moisture keep them in a jar inside a fridger.

Don’t refrigerate loose masalas

Always keep your masalas in an upright position because it is very  convenient, doesn't get crumbled easily.

Keep masalas upright position

Always try to store your spices in a dry and dark place, away from water and light sources

Store masalas in a dry place

Try to buy small quantities of fresh spices from maket rather than  very larger quantities.

Buy small quantities of spices  

Periodically check your spices to protect them from getting spoiled in future.

Periodically check your spices