Veg Manchurian Recipe

For veg manchurian recipe in a bowl add spring onions, cabbage, carrots, french beans.

Next add cornstarch powder, all purpose flour, black pepper, salt and crushed cornflakes .

1. Mix veggies without water. 2. Grease on palm and make round manchurian balls.

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry manchurian balls in medium to low flame. 

 Manchurian balls become crispy and golden brown. 

Drain excess oil from fried manchurian balls on kitchen tissue. 

Saute chopped ginger garlic, spring onions in oil till translucent.

1. Now pour soy sauce, red chili sauce. 2. Simmer in medium high flame. 

1. Add cornstarch slurry. 2. Pour some water and mix properly.

1. Sprinkle kashmiri red chili powder and pinch of salt. 2. Simmer till manchurian sauce thickens. 

1. Tossed fried manchurian balls properly. 2. Serve hot by sprinkling spring onions.

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