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Pan pizza Vs Hand tossed

What is pan pizza

Pan pizza is a traditional and basic form of pizza. Here, dough is  dusted with flour then thrown into a pan that happens to be oiled. This technique helps the pie rise as it cooks.

Hand tossed pizza are thinner , crispier because they aren’t baked in a pan but directly on the cooking surface, which may be the oven or  grill depending upon the type of crust you want.

What is hand tossed pizza

In  a pan pizza dough is harder so the pizza doesn’t get enough space to  expand and become fluffier, but in hand tossed pizza dough is very soft  so that it can easily rise and spread on the pan.

Difference in pizza dough

Cooking temperature

The hand-tossed pizza it s usually baked at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit  for 10 to 15 minutes, whereas pan pizza is baked at a higher temperature  for about 15 minutes.

Difference in crust

Pan pizza crust is called deep-dish as it has a thicker and fluffier crust because the cooking surface is oiled before the pizza dough is sprinkled  on top, whereas hand-tossed pizza, doesn’t have the butter added to it  and has a flatter and crispier crust

Shape difference

The shape of the pan pizza will most likely match the shape of the pan.If you use a small pan, you will get a small pizza..Meanwhile, a hand-tossed pizza is flung into the sky many times as a result It will bake in a perfectly round shape.

Pizza texture

If you are looking for a chewy texture, choose hand tossed pizza as it has more water content than pan pizza

Taste of pizza

Pan pizzas, it tastes saltier because it has more cheese on top than a hand-tossed pizza. Besides this pan pizzas have more bread, while hand-tossed pizzas have more toppings.