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Get To Know Different Types Of Salt, Their Taste & Uses

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt, originating from sea or land, is named for its use in  Jewish meat preparation to remove blood. It has flaky texture & mild flavor, enhances  food subtly.

Himalyan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt, found in the Himalayas, is a healthy and pure rock salt with minerals, giving it a pink hue. Used as a finishing salt for rich, salty flavor.

Sea Salt

Sea salt, with varying colors from grey to white, has a coarse texture and is derived from evaporated seawater. It contains trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Table Salt

Table salt, a highly soluble fine-grained white salt extracted from the earth, contains iodine and anti-caking elements. Its purity makes it  popular for various recipes.

Rock Salt

Rock salt, or "Sendha Namak," is extracted from underground deposits, with a coarse texture and grey to pink color. It has less sodium chloride but high potassium, copper, calcium.

Black Salt

Black salt ( Kala Namak ) is famous in South Asian cuisine for its unique sulfuric aroma, & eggy flavour. It's used for seasoning and as a vegan egg substitute in chaat and tofu scrambles.

Pickling Salt

Pickling salt is another popular type of salt which is very white and fine texture, with no additives. Ideal for canning, meat curing, baking, and homemade cleaners.

Fleur De Sel

Fleur De Sel, is a light sea salt, hand-harvested from slat ponds with delicate flavour and crunch. Perfect for salad dressing, meat seasoning, and enhancing natural flavours.

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