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How to make  French Press Coffee  at home

French press coffee is also known as a press pot or plunger pot. It is a simple yet effective way to brew coffee.   To make French press coffee, you need to steep ground beans in hot water and separate the grounds with a plunger. 

What is French Press Coffee

The French press has roots back to France in the 1800s.  The story goes that a Frenchman was boiling water when he realized he had forgotten to put the coffee in. He decided to add the coffee grounds to the boiling water.   After the coffee grounds floated up he pushed them down with a metal screen and stick. Finally, he tasted the best coffee in his life.

What is the origin of French Press Coffee

1 serving: 1 ounce of coffee to 15 ounces of water – 2 servings: 2 ounces coffee to 30 ounces water – 4 servings: 4 ounces coffee to 60 ounces water – 8 servings: 8 ounces coffee to 120 ounces water

Ratio of Water & Coffee for French Press



1. A French press 2. Quality coarsely ground coffee bean 3. Hot water 4. A timer (for precision) 5. A stirring utensil  6. A kettle

Boil Water

Heat the water to around 200°F (93°C), then let it sit for a moment to cool slightly. Otherwise you can boil in stove top method. 

Add Coffee Grounds to the French Press

Place the coarse coffee grounds into the French press. 

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Pour Hot Water

Pour the hot water evenly over the coffee grounds, filling the press about halfway. 

Stir and Bloom

Gently stir the coffee and water to ensure even saturation.  Let it bloom for about 30 seconds. 

Attach the Lid and Wait

Place the lid on the French press and let it steep for around 4 minutes. 

Plunge and Serve

After steeping, press down the plunger slowly and steadily.  Your French press coffee is ready to enjoy. 

How to serve French Press Coffee

French press coffee pairs well with pastries, fruits, or on its own.  Serve it in your favorite mug and savour the rich aroma and flavour.