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How to make Tahini

Have you ever tried Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food?  You may be familiar with tahini a delicious condiment. Let's start to understand  how to make tahini. 

Sesame Seeds: 1 cup high quality sesame seeds. Neutral Oil: ¼ cup olive oil or sesame oil. Optional: Salt, lemon juice or garlic for extra taste.


Toast the Sesame Seeds

1. Toast 1 cup of sesame seeds in a dry pan over medium heat till golden brown.   2. Otherwise, you can bake 1 cup of sesame seeds at 350 degrees F, for 10 to 12 minutes until fragrant.

Blend the Sesame Seeds

Allow the toasted sesame seeds to cool for a few minutes then transfer them to a food processor or blender. Start blending them until they form a coarse mixture. 

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Add Oil Slowly

With the blender running slowly add the neutral oil like olive oil or sesame oil.   Continue blending until the mixture reaches your preferred smooth and creamy consist

Customize to Taste

You can customize your tahini to suit your palate.  To enhance the taste, you can blend salt for a savory kick, lemon juice for brightness, or garlic for more flavor. 

What to serve with Tahini

You can serve tahini with crunchy falafel balls, salads , grilled meet , baked goods.