How to make  chilli  chicken?

1. In a bowl add cornflour, kashmiri red chilli powder, black pepper,salt .

1. First coat chicken pieces then pour red chili sauce, soy sauce, vinegear and dash of water.

1. keep marinated chicken pieces in freezer.

1. Fried marinated chickens in medium high flame till cook both sides. 

1. Drain excess oil from crispy fried chicken on kitchen tissue. 

1. Saute ginger-garlic,onion layers, green chilli and capsicum in medium flame for some time. 

1. Pour red chili, soy sauce, vinger, water. 2. Mix them for sometimes.

1. Now sprinkle salt,kashmiri red chili powder, sugar. 2. Mix them in medium flame. 

1.Pour  cornstarch slurry in chilli gravy. 2. Simmer till thicken gravy.

1. Finally add fried chickens in this chilli gravy and tossed in medium high flame. 

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