Veg Fried Rice Recipe

For making veg fried rice recipe soak long grain basmati rice in water.

Now pour water, pinch of salt and oil in a kadai  then boil water for sometime.

After that add soaked rice and cooked till rice grains separated from eachother.

Now check the rice by pressing fingers.It shouldn't be mushy.

Now cool rice completely on  a white towel. 

Next, saute whole spice then saute chopped ginger garlic. 

Also saute chopped capsicum, carrots, french beans, green chili and green peas till cooked but crunchy.

Now pour soy sauce, vinegar, pinch of salt, water and mix everything. 

After that add parboil rice and fluff the rice in medium to low flame for sometimes.

Now sprinkle black pepper,nut meg,mace powder, spring onions on top before serving vegetable fried rice.

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