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What is all purpose flour

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is a blend of strong flour which is high-protein flour or higher value of gluten and Weak flour or low in protein as well a  lower value of gluten.

All-purpose flour is produced from the endosperm, the bran is separated from germ and endosperm and forms all-purpose unbleached flour. Then it is bleached to make smooth white flour.

How maida is made

1. In all-purpose flour protein content somewhere between bread flour and cake flour.  2.It's protein  content of 10 to 12% while bread flours have 13 to14% and Cake flours 9 to  11%

All purpose flour vs bread flour vs cake flour

How to store all purpose flour

For a longer period if you put it inside an airtight container and stored it in a  cool, dry place. You can also store it in the freezer for an even longer  shelf life .

Pastry flour for making pies pastries and cookies, and another one is bread flour for making bread and pizza doughs.Other gluten free substitute are whole wheat flour, Rice flour , Coconut flour , Almond flour

Substitutes for all purpose flour


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