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Yogurt Vs Curd

What is curd

Curd is a dairy product that is popular in India and other parts of Asia. It is also known as dahi. Curd is made from milk and  can be used as an ingredient or as a condiment.

Yogurt is also a dairy product that is widely popular in the United States. It is made by adding bacterial cultures directly into the milk before  culturing,

What is yogurt

Curd is made by adding acid, typically lemon juice or vinegar, to warm milk. This  causes the milk solids to separate from the liquid whey after culturing  for several hours.

How to make curd

How to make yogurt

Yogurt is made from milk that has been fermented, which means it has gone  through a process in which bacteria eat up some of the sugar and produce  lactic acid.

Different in preparation

Curd is made by simmering milk for about half an hour, then instead of  adding active cultures in preparing yogurt, add lemon juice, vinegar to curdle it and then strain off the liquid

Usage in recipes

Yogurt is served with fruit. This makes yogurt a versatile sauce for chicken, lamb,pork  dishes.But curd is used in dahi puri, aloo chaat , dahi vada etc.