Butterscotch Ice Cream recipe

For making butterscotch ice cream recipe,first chopped cashews,almond

Next melt butter sugar mixture in low flame until you get caramelized with brown color syrup.

Next add chopped nut in caramelized sugar syrup.

Afetr that cool praline on butter paper then make a coarse mixture using mortar-pestle.. 

Now using a hand mixer whisk chilled heavy cream till it generates peak.

 Next pour condensed milk in it.

After that pour indian butterscotch essence and mix properly.

Now add some crushed praline in this butterscotch ice cream mixture.

Finally pour creamy butterscotch ice cream mixture in an airtight container, and keep in freezer for 8 hour.

Finally our homemade butterscotch ice cream recipe is complete.

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