Chicken Biryani Recipe 

For the best chicken biryani recipe soak long grain fragrant basmati rice in water.

Next in a warm milk add a few strands of saffron, color will change to yellow.

Now marinate chickens with curd, salt, black pepper, chili powder and rose water, kewra water,oil.

Parboil rice and check it by pressing fingers, It shouldn't be mushy.

First fry onions till golden brown then cooked chickens till 60% done. Finally mix boil potatoes and eggs.

Now for layering chicken biryani apply ghee at the bottom of handi. Then add chickens, coriander, pudina leaves.

Add first layer of rice on chickens. Next , add boil eggs and potatoes. Also Pour second layer of rice.

For enhancing flavour of dum biryani pour kesar milk, rose, kewra water, rice stock and desi ghee.Metha attar if you like.

Finally sprinkle chopped coriander leaves, mint leaves, brown onions on top of chicken biryani.

Seal the handi with foil paper or flour dough. First cook chicken dum biryani recipe in high flame, then place on tawa and cook on low flame

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