Batata vada recipe

Batata vada recipe

At first for preparing  batata vada saute bay leaf , mustard seeds in oil till crackle.

Next add ginger garlic paste , green chili,  saute till raw smell disappears.

Now in a mixing bowl mix mashed potatoes , red chili powder , turmeric powder , coriender leaves , tempering.

Next make smooth potato vada, place on a tray for frying later.

Now for preparing batter in a mixing bowl add besan , turmeric, red chili , salt , hing.

Finally pour water, mix to form smooth. lumps free batter.

When oil is hot enough to fry batata vada, gently coat aloo vada in this medium thick batter..

Immediately place coated batata vada in oil and fry till become crispy and golden brown from both sides..

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