French fries recipe

French fries recipe

To preparing french fries first , cut potatoes into 1/2 inch equal size vertical sticks.

Then place potato sticks in bowl of water and keep in freezer for 2 hours.

After that sprinkle salt then blanch potatoes for some minutes.

Now completely dry blanch potatoes.

Marinate blanch  potatoes with  cornstarch powder, black pepper, salt ,red chili powder, yellow food color.

Mix  ingredients properly then keep in freezer for 3 hours in air tight container

First fry at 250 F for 1 min. Finger chips get crust from outside but not brown completely .

Let french fries cool a little bit.

Now increase temperature of oil to 350  F and  fry the finger chips till  become crispy and juicy from inside.

Takecrspy french fries out and serve hot with salt, chat masala and ketchup.

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