How to make  kadai  paneer?

1. For kadai masala dry raost whole spices.

1. Next blend whole spices till get fine paste.

1. Fry paneer cubes in butter till light golden brown.

1. Place fried paneer on kitchen tissue. 

1. First saute whole spices in butter. 2. Next saute green chili,onions till translucent. 

1. First Cook tomato puree next mix garam masala,turmeric,chili powder salt and kadai masala.

1. Pour water and simmer gravy for sometimes.

1. At this stage sprinkle coriander leaves, kasuri methi. 

1. Next add onion layer,cubed capsicum and simmer for sometimes.

1. Finally add fried paneer and gently mix in this gravy. 2. Serve kadai paneer with naan or paratha.

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