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How to peel ginger easily

peel ginger with a spoon

Hold ginger vertically on a chopping board and with the help of spoon edge scrape the surface of the ginger.

Slice from the side to get a flat surface . Lay the ginger on the flat side so you can square up all the sides.

Peel ginger with a knife

First cut peeled ginger in a coin shape then stack them one after one and cut into matchsticks or vertical lengthwise shape

Julienne ginger

Mincing ginger

For mincing ginger Iline up the ginger matchsticks and make crosswise cuts from right side to left side.

To grate ginger by hold one end of the ginger and move it downwards towards the table on the grater. .

Grate ginger

store ginger in the refrigerator in a zip lock bag for at least 3 to 4 week.

Store ginger