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How to cut onions without crying

Why we cry when we cut onion

Chopping onions releases sulfenic acid reacts with free enzymes and produce propanethiol S-oxide, which further reacts with the tear gland to produce sulfuric acid.

Sharper knife do more minor damage to onion cells, hence fewer gases release,you will not shed any tear.

Use a super sharp knife

Keep the peel onions in the refrigerator for at least 20 to 25 before slice the onions around the root end.

Keep the onions in the refrigerator

Soak onions in cold water

Soak the onions in cold water for 30 mins before chopping it helps to slow down the production of the chemical compounds in it.

Hold a bread in mouth

Hold a dry bread in between your front teeth. The bread will absorb those irritant chemicals compound before they will attack to your eyes.

Run vent hood while cutting onion

Always run exhaust fan while cutting the onions, it helps irritants will be pulled away from you and your eyes.

Wear goggles while chopping onion

Wear full goggles while chopping onions.The will create a seal around your eyes and keep irritants away from your eyes