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What is the difference between cilantro , parsley and celery 

Origin of herb

Celery is popular in England and France, parsley from the  Mediterranean lands; and cilantro is widely popular  in southern Europe and Western Asia.

Cilantro leaves are feathery, light green in colour , Parsley dark green color , shorter than cilantro leaves.While celery leaves are oblong in shape and longer than other two.

Difference in size and shape

Cilantro has a delicate citrus flavour with a hint of anise. Celery has a mild flavour that lends itself to  pairing with other ingredients. Parsley are delicate and have a mild flavour.

Different flavours

Nutritional Value

Coriander leaves provide numerous health benefits due to the presence of  antioxidants or flavonoids, vitamins A, K, C and B6 as well as minerals  like iron and magnesium.

Parsley is used in  salads, soups, stews. Celery can be consumed raw use in various soups and stews.Coriander leaves are used for food garnishing, and some  medicinal purposes.

Usage of herbs