9 Best rice recipes | 9 Top rice recipes | Easy rice recipes for dinner

Are you looking for easy rice recipes for dinner? in this post i share 9 best rice recipes that will sure impress your family.This list of 9 top rice recipes consists of aromatic chicken biryani to healthy dal khichdi and many more.If you want to cook these best rice recipes at home follow step by step instructions in each recipe.rice recipes , best rice recipes ,

In india rice is a staple diet.There various rice recipes available by varying some ingredients like world famous chicken biryani to indo chinese style chciken fried rice and many more.


Best rice recipes

Here is the list of 9 best rice recipes you can cook for dinner. If you want to cook these mouth watering rice recipes for your family then follow step by step instructions in each recipe.


Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani the most popular non vegetarian rice dish among biryani lover.Spicy chickens dum cooked with parboiled basamati rice fragrant with some biryani spices.Served this biryani hot with raita to compliment the flavours.



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Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

This traditional hyderabadi biryani is a very easy rice recipes for dinner.This hyderabadi chicken biryani prepared with layered marinated chicken, fried onions, potatoes, topped with desi ghee, mint, coriander leaves and the aroma of rose water and kewra water. 




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Veg Fried Rice

If you want to cook a quick but flavorful rice dish for your dinner party recipe, then try this tasty veg fried rice to fill your untimely hunger pangs! Long grain basmati rice tossed with the fried veggies, along with some aromatic spices.




Moong Dal Khichdi

khichdi, the most delicious and nutritious indian rice dish that is a favorite among every indians.This vegetable khichdi is one of the quickest rice recipes that you can easily prepare at home. All these, topped with some rustic spices, together create an explosion of flavors for your taste buds.This healthy moong dal khichdi is all you need on a lazy weekday when you don’t want to cook any major dish. 

moong dal khichdi recipe serving on white bowl



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Pulao also known as vegetable pulao, tasty and very easy rice recipes for dinner that you can prepare instantly at home. Aromatic veg pulao bursting with deep flavors of warm whole spices, vegetables, boiled soya beans, kashmiri chillies, and desi ghee. has a nice sweetness to it that you cannot miss. 




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Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable biryani is the best rice recipe you should prepare for dinner. This delicious veg biryani cooked in dum style with layers of basmati rice, vegetables, saffron milk a variety of masalas. This simple rice recipe will sure impress your guest. 



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Egg Biryani

If you are an egg lover, you should not miss this mouth-watering dum egg biryani. Eggs layered with saffron induced rice flavor with rose water,kewra water,fried onions.Here is the full recipe of egg biryani with step by step instructions.



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Rice Kheer

Rice kheer or Chawal ki kheer recipe is the most delicious sweet dish among all sweet lovers. It is made from rice and milk along with sugar, condensed milk, with some roasted dried fruits. This rice kheer is usually prepared during various occasions and is similar to rice payasam prepared in south indian cuisine. 




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Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice the most popular rice recipes in most of indian restaurants.The magical combination of crispy fried chicken cubes,scrambled eggs, fried veggies and aromatic spices that you cannot miss.Serve this fried rice with chilli chicken , veg manchurian or gobi manchurian.

chicken fried rice recipe , restaurant style chicken fried rice
recipe here

If you want to cook easy rice recipes for dinner for your family, then must cook any of the recipes.Do let us know, which one of these rice dishes you loved in the comment section below. 


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9 Best rice recipes | 9 Top rice recipes | Easy rice recipes for dinner

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Have you tried this list of 9 best rice recipes? Then must try this easy rice recipes for dinner and follow step by step instrcutions.


  1. Choose your favorite from this list of best rice recipes.
  2. Now start preparing this top rice recipes for your family by following step by step instructions.
  3. Enjoy this easy rice recipes for dinner with your family.

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