indian dessert recipes , indian sweet recipes

11 Indian desserts recipes | Easy dessert recipes

Indian desserts recipes make us fall in love instantly. In India, desserts are usually served at the end of meals. Though there are various types of dessert recipes available in India starting from crispy jalebis, and gulab jamuns to cold coffee. Here I selected the top 11 Indian desserts recipes which are not only super delicious but also very easy dessert recipes that you can easily make at home.indian desserts recipes , Indian desserts , dessert recipes

In India no festival or occasion will be complete without eating any sweets, most of these Indian desserts are usually made with milk and sugar as the main ingredients, so preparing sweets at home is very easy to make at home.

If you want to make this easy dessert recipes for your family then must follow step by step instructions mentioned in each recipe.



Jalebi or jilipi whatever you say is the most popular Indian desserts recipes easily available in every sweet shop in India. This crispy jalebi recipe is not only very delicious but also very easy to make at home with step-by-step instructions mentioned below. 


recipe here


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Rabdi Malpua, is a melt in mouth Indian desserts recipes.A Bengal’s super hit sweet dish, made with flour, milk, khoya. Garnish with chopped almonds, pistachios and rabdi.You can easily cook this sweet dish with step-by-step instructions. 


recipe here

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Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar halwa or carrot halwa is the most trending halwa recipes in India.This traditional dessert recipes is made with grated carrot, milk, cardamom powder and roasted nuts.


gajar-ka-halwa-on-serving-glassrecipe here


Kaju katli or Kaju barfi is one of the easy dessert recipes made with powdered cashew nuts and sugar syrup, clarified butter and cardamom powder, topped with silver varq. It is one of the best Indian desserts usually exchanged as a sweet gift on special occasions including Holi,Diwali,Navratri etc.


delicious-kaju-katli-recipe-serving-on-white-platerecipe here




Rasgulla or Rosogolla another Indian milk sweet is popular in every Bengali and Odissi. It is one of the quick Indian desserts recipes made with curdled milk or chenna,first, make crack free chenna balls then put them in rolling boiled sugar syrup. 


recipe here

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Kheer or rice kheer the most popular Indian desserts recipes prepared during various festive occasions especially Holi, Diwali, Eid and Ramzan. This kheer recipe is made with rice and milk, condensed milk with cashews, almonds and raisins. The South Indian version of this kheer is popularly known as payasam. 

rice-kheer-recipe-sprinkle-with-chopped-dried-fruits-in-blue-ceramics-bowlrecipe here



Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun, is one of Indian most loved dessert dishes that every Indian craving for. Besides Kaju katli, gulab jamun is also served as a festival sweet dish. This succulent sweet dish is made with khoya, then fried in oil till golden and finally dipped in saffron flavour sugar syrup. You can easily make these at home with simple step-by-step instructions.

homemade-gulab-jamun-recipe-serve-on-white-platerecipe here




Mango Ice cream

Mango ice cream is a traditional Indian ice cream recipes that are widely used during summer.This popular frozen dessert is very rich, dense and creamy. This homemade mango ice cream recipe is made with ripe mangoes, and chilled heavy cream. Mango ice cream is a delectable summer dessert to relish.

mango ice cream recipe, homemade mango ice cream recipe , mango ice cream without ice cream maker ,,

recipe here


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ButterScotch Ice cream

Butterscotch ice cream is a quick and extremely easy dessert recipes that is favourite among many Indians. Butterscotch ice cream is a very easy sweet recipe made from chilled heavy cream, condensed milk, butterscotch essence and homemade praline. To prepare this easy sweet recipe for your loved one follow step-by-step instructions.

butter scotch ice cream recipe , homemade butterscotch ice cream

recipe here


Vanilla ice cream is the queen of Indian dessert recipes. This homemade vanilla ice cream recipe can be made without using any ice cream maker. This delicious Indian desserts recipes, from Indian cuisine is made with a mix of chilled heavy cream, condensed milk, vanilla essence and cheery to decorate. Vanilla ice cream is the perfect sweet treat to serve after dinner to your guests. 

vanilla ice cream recipe , homemade vanilla ice cream recipe


recipe here


Cold Coffee

This thick iced cold coffee recipe is the most popular coffee recipe that serve in most cafes.This chocolate cold coffee recipe is made from chilled full-fat milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla essence, white sugar and chilled heavy cream.If you want to make this cold coffee cafe style follow step-by-step instructions.
cold coffee recipe , cold coffee cafe style
recipe here
All of these Indian desserts recipes are often made on different celebratory occasions as well as on days when you just want to forget about diet plans and gorge on a bucket full of gulab jamuns or halwa. And nothing better than a homemade dessert to watch those calories.

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11 Indian desserts recipes | Easy dessert recipes

indian dessert recipes , indian sweet recipes

Have you tried these Indian desserts recipes? Then must try these easy dessert recipes and follow step-by-step instructions.


  1. Choose your favorite indian dessert recipes.
  2. Now start preparing this easy indian sweet recipes for your family by following step by step instructions.
  3. Enjoy this tasty dessert recipes with your family.

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