12 best indian sweet recipes | Best dessert recipes | Sweet dish recipes

Today i share list of 12 best indian sweet recipes in this post.These are the best dessert recipes from all time favorite dessert kaju katli , butterscotch ice cream , cafe style chocolate cold coffee to seasonal gajar ka halwa.This list of sweet dish recipes is very delicious and easy to make at home.If you want to cook these best sweet recipes at home then must follow step by step instructions mentioned in each recipe.best indian sweet recipes , best dessert recipes , easy sweet dishes

We indians believe after taking meal if we get one bite of dessert then only our meal is completed otherwise it is totally incomplete.
If you have crave on sweet dish recipes just like other people but have short on ideas then don’t worry.
Our mouth-watering collection of quick sweet recipes is so epic, you’ll definitely be tempted to eat them before you start your meal.

If you want to make best dessert recipes at home then check these mouth-watering 12 best indian sweet recipes, which you can easily make at home by following proper step by step instructions.



Basundi, a creamy milk based gujrati dessert that is quite popular among indians.It is a slow cooking process, milk is first reduced half of it’s quantity by continuously stiring,then pour condensed milk,some dried fruits along with cashew,almond,pistachios.For complete tips and tricks to prepare this basundi sweet at home follow step by step instructions.


recipe here


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Rasmalai, one of bengal’s much loved sweet dish. This milk based sweet recipe is not only very delicious but also very easy to make at home. Flavored with cardamom,Kesar,almond, cashew, pistachios, this delicious sweet is a hit on every occasion.



recipe here




Besan Ladooo

Do you love sweet after dinner? Stuffed with raisins, almonds and cashews, these besan ladoos are your dream come true. To prepare this besan ladoo at home follow below step by step instructions.


recipe here





Kaju Katli

Kaju katli also known as kaju barfi is a favorite sweet dish among many sweet lovers.Kaju katli is used in almost every indian celebration, either rakhi, marriage,diwali or eid. This melt in mouth texture dish is very easy to cook at home.Here is full recipe of kaju katli with step by step instructions.




recipe here


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Cold Cofee

This cafe style cold coffee recipe is all time favorite among coffee lovers.This deliciously easy coffee recipe takes only 10 minutes to prepare at home.This is absolute crowd-pleaser drink.

cold coffee recipe , cold coffee cafe style

recipe here




Dalgona Cofee

This korean dalgona coffee recipe will sure impress your guest.This creamy and fluffy coffee recipe made with full fat chilled milk, white sugar and whipped coffee.To prepare this quick dessert recipes follow step by step instructions mentioned below. 

dalgona coffee recipe , korean dalgona coffee recipe , whipped coffee

recipe here






This soft and spongy rabdi malpua another popular indian sweet recipes.In eastern region especially in west bengal and odissa this succulent malpua is very famous.It is one of the best sweet recipes that is loved by everyone.This soft and fluffy malpua made with all-purpose flour,khoya,warm milk and fennel seed powder which are first fried in oil then soaked in sugar syrup.


recipe here
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Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa the ultimate winter winner indian sweet recipes. This delicious recipe made with grated carrots, khoya, milk, sugar, ghee and lots of chunky nuts, this wholesome and rich dessert will leave you craving for more.


recipe here

Gulab jamun 

Gulab jamun is the most popular indian sweet recipes. These hot gulab jamuns are not just delicious but very easy to make at home.Once you’ve tried them – you won’t be able to stop at one.

recipe here


This lip smacking crispy jalebi recipe is a perfect sweet dish. You can serve this jalebis as it is or chilled rabri on top of it.This recipe is the perfect finish to a meal.


recipe here


Moong Dal Halwa

Moong dal halwa the best dessert recipes is favorite among many made with roasted moong dal paste, chopped cashew nuts,almonds and sugar syrup. In almost every Indian celebration including marriage and parties this sweet dish is served. Cook this in the comfort of your home.


recipe here

ButterScotch Ice Cream

Butterscotch ice cream the most favorite dessert recipes among sweet lovers.Soft and creamy butterscotch ice cream with it’s crunchy bites of praline make this dessert awesome.Try this delicious sweet recipes with step by step instructions mentioned below.

butter scotch ice cream recipe , homemade butterscotch ice cream

recipe here


Must try these delicious sweet recipes and do let us know which one of these sweet dishes you loved in the comment section below. 


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12 best indian sweet recipes | Best dessert recipes | Sweet dish recipes

best indian sweet recipes , best dessert recipes , easy sweet dishes

Have you tried this list of best indian sweet recipes? Then must try this tasty dessert recipes and follow step by step instrcutions.


  1. Choose your favorite indian sweet recipes.
  2. Now start preparing this delicious sweet dish for your family by following step by step instructions.
  3. Enjoy this tasty dessert recipes with your family.

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