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15 best Indian vegetarian dinner recipes | Indian veg recipes

Want to cook delicious vegetarian dinner recipes – here is the list of 15 best Indian vegetarian dinner recipes from creamy dal makhani to vegetable biryani and many more. These Indian vegetarian recipes are not only super delicious but also very easy vegetarian dinner party recipes.indian vegetarian dinner recipes , indian veg recipes , vegetarian recipes , indian vegetarian recipes


Indian vegetarian dinner recipes


If you are confused about what vegetarian food you want to cook for dinner recipes then doesn’t worry, here I share the 15 best Indian vegetarian dinner recipes. This lip-smacking vegetarian cooking will sure a hero in your vegetarian dinner party menu.


Paneer Butter Masala

Want to impress your guests with restaurant-style recipes? then try this paneer butter masala, flavoured with a few Indian spices, tomato-onion puree, and a lot of butter and cream. Garnish with some freshly chopped coriander leaves before serving. You can serve this butter paneer with naan, butter roti etc.


recipe here e1623222589653


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Kadai Paneer

This quick and easy Kadai paneer recipe makes each foodie reach heaven. This kadhai paneer is so spicy and delicious that you’ll definitely want to make this tonight. Just pair it with hot parathas and you’ll be good to go.

kadai paneer recipe serve in white bowl garnish with fresh coriander leaves


recipe here e1623222589653


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Matar Paneer

Matar paneer, a deliciously easy vegetarian dinner recipe you must try tonight. Here fresh paneer cube simmered in spicy matar gravy. To perfectly cook this mutter paneer at home follow step-by-step instructions mentioned below.


restaurant styke matar paneer recipe serve on white bowl garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves

recipe here e1623222589653

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Chilli Paneer

Do you love Indo-Chinese cuisine? If yes, then must try this chilli paneer recipe, which is super delicious and very easy to make at home. Serve hot with roti, veg fried rice, Hakka noodles whatever you like.



recipe here e1623222589653


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Dum Aloo

Want to cook quick vegetarian dinner recipes then must try this restaurant-style dum aloo recipe. Fried potatoes cooked in deliciously rich creamy gravy is sure to satisfy any palate. This spicy and creamy vegetarian gravy recipe will leave you craving more.

punjabi dum aloo recipe serving on black bowl

recipe here e1623222589653

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Punjabi Chole

Want to cook protein-rich dinner recipe? Then try thy Punjabi chole recipe, loved by every Indian. In India, almost all dhabas have this chole masala on their menu. I’m confident if you cook this chole masala perfectly it will be your best vegetarian dinner recipe. For proper tips and tricks to cook this Punjabi chole at home follow the below instructions.

punjabi chole recipe serve on white bowl garnish with fresh coriander leaves

recipe here e1623222589653


Chana Masala

Chana masala is another protein-rich vegetarian dinner recipe as it will help you feel full for longer. Cook your meals together with some boiled chickpeas, and some spicy aromatic onion tomato mixtures. Garnish this chana masala with some fresh coriander leaves before serving.


chana masala recipe serve on white bowl garnish with chopped coriander leaves

recipe here e1623222589653

Dal Makhani

Dal makhani is one of the hottest-selling vegetarian dishes in every Indian restaurant. The creamy dal makhani is made with black urad dal, aromatic masalas and lots of creams. To cook this menu as a vegetarian dinner recipe you should follow the below step by step instructions. I bet if you perfectly cook this dal makhani it will surely impress your family. 


dal makhani served in a white bowl garnish with cream and green chili

recipe here e1623222589653
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Veg Biryani

Layered with long grain fragrant parboiled basmati rice, saffron milk, rose water, kewra water and desi ghee on top of the vegetable gravy, which is then cooked in dum style. This mouth-watering vegetable biryani recipe is sure to satisfy every vegetarian person who loves biryani.



recipe here e1623222589653

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Veg Manchurian

This veg manchurian gravy is one of the popular vegetarian recipes in Indo-Chinese cuisine. Fried vegetarian balls tossed in hot and spicy manchurian sauce. Serve this recipe with hakka noodles, veg fried rice whatever you like.


recipe here e1623222589653

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Rajma Masala

Try this creamy rajma masala as your vegetarian dinner party recipe. Packed with kidney beans and a cheesy mix, just serve the tortillas with a sensational salsa and you’re good to go. So interesting and delicious, your family won’t even guess they’re healthy!

rajma masala garnished with a few kasuri methi and freshly chopped coriander leaves served in a white bowl

recipe here e1623222589653

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Veg Pulao

This vegetable pulao is one of the quick vegetarian dinner party recipe. This nutritious and wholesome meal is packed with soybean, green peas, carrot, bell pepper, french beans, coriander leaves and a mixture of aromatic spices. For proper tips and tricks for preparing this pulao at home, you have to follow the below step-by-step instructions.



This veg fried rice recipe is just yummy, it is one of my favourite rice dishes that I usually cooked for dinner on most weekends. Parboiled long-grain rice tossed with your favourite partially cooked vegetables and fragrant with black pepper and nutmeg powder is sure to please everyone at the dinner table.



recipe here e1623222589653

Palak Paneer

Palak paneer, is a perfect healthy vegetarian dinner recipes for your family. It is a very quick vegetarian dinner recipe where a fresh paneer cube is simmered in creamy palak gravy flavour with a few Indian spices. To cook, this yummy dish for dinner follow the instructions carefully. 


recipe here e1623222589653


Shahi Paneer

This shahi paneer curry is my favourite. It is very easy to make and so delicious, made with tomato puree and a lot of aromatic spices and creams. This restaurant-style shahi paneer is favourite among every Indian, it is easily available in most Indian restaurants and festivals. You can team this shahi paneer with naan, roti, paratha whatever you like.


recipe here e1623222589653


Our 15 best vegetarian dinner recipes are sure to impress you. Try these delicious dishes one by one on your everyday dinner menu.

Do let us know, which one of these vegetarian dinner recipes you loved most in the comment section below. 


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15 best indian vegetarian dinner recipes

indian vegetarian dinner recipes , easy vegetarian dinner party recipes , vegetarian recipes

Looking for vegetarian dinner party recipes? Then try this list of the best Indian vegetarian dinner recipes for your family. For each recipe follow step-by-step instructions.


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