most popular indian chicken recipes , easy chicken recipes

13 best Indian Chicken Recipes | Easy Indian chicken dishes

Want to cook easy Indian chicken dishes for dinner? here I share the 13 best Indian chicken recipes, which are not only super delicious but also very easy to cook at home. This list of Indian chicken recipes includes chicken gravy, dry chicken recipes and tasty chicken appetizers.Indian chicken recipes , easy indian chicken dishes


Which is the most popular Indian chicken dish

There are many mouth-watering Indian chicken dishes for you to go and taste the popular chicken dishes like indo-chinese chilli chicken, authentic Indian chicken curry and the classic butter chicken to regional ones like chicken chettinad and chicken 65. This list is really endless.


Why Indian chicken recipes become popular

Indian chicken recipes become popular across the globe, because of their use of aromatic spices that gives indian curries an additional edge. Indian cooking offers beautiful blends of herbs and spices, and if you love Indian chicken dishes, then you are in for a special treat. 


If you are wondering how to make mouth-watering Indian chicken dishes, I’ve got you covered with a list of the best chicken recipes here.


13 best Indian chicken recipes

Here is the 13 most best Indian chicken recipes. Must try these deliciously easy chicken dishes with step-by-step instructions mentioned in each recipe section.


Chilli Chicken

Do you love Indo-Chinese dishes? Then try this spicy chilli chicken, one of the popular chicken dishes in Indo-Chinese cuisine. It is the perfect dinner menu with tandoori roti.


recipe here e1623222589653


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Chicken 65

If you want to cook the most delicious south Indian chicken recipes which are not only super hot and spicy but also the most delicious starter then must try this chicken 65 recipe. This deep-fried crispy snack flavour of curry leaves, chopped ginger-garlic, green chili and tossed in spicy sauce is a very easy chicken recipe you can try at home..


                                                recipe here e1623222589653


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Chicken Pakora

One of the best chicken snack recipes perfect for an evening snack in the rainy seasons is chicken pakora. Though pakoras are usually made with vegetables this crispy chicken pakora recipe is the best when you serve it with coriander chutney and squeeze lemon juice from the top. You can easily cook this street-style chicken pakoda at home with this simple step-by-step recipe.


recipe here e1623222589653


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Chicken Curry

Chicken curry, is one of the popular Indian chicken recipes. This north Indian style chicken curry is very delicious and easy to cook at home. If you want to cook an authentic Indian curry dish for dinner then must try this dish with step-by-step instructions.

most popular indian chicken recipes , easy chicken recipes

                                             recipe here e1623222589653


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Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Butter chicken the most popular restaurant style Indian chicken recipes through the years. It is also known as murgh makhani, Where chicken is first marinated overnight, then the chicken is cooked in tomato-onion puree, cream and lots of Indian masalas. Enjoy this creamy, mouth-watering dish with naan or roti.


recipe here e1623222589653


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Chicken Masala

Want to cook an easy chicken recipe for dinner? Here is the perfect chicken recipe, to begin with, chicken masala. This chicken masala gravy has a little bit of dry yet juicy chicken marinated in spicy masalas and slowly cooked in medium flame, when the chicken gravy is completed garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve hot with butter roti or naan whatever you like. This chicken recipe is sure to be the star at your dinner table.


                                                recipe here e1623222589653


Chicken Korma

If you want to cook a less spicy chicken recipe, then must try this authentic shahi chicken korma. The texture of curd, ground cashew, and almond and flavour of a few Indian spices make this dish super creamy and delicious. This is one of our yummy Indian chicken recipes best a party dish to impress your guests this festive season. You can serve it with rumali rotis. 



                                               recipe here e1623222589653


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Chettinad Chicken

If you love south Indian chicken recipes then try this Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu, which is known to be the spiciest cuisine in India. This Chettinad chicken recipe is unique because chicken is flavoured with Chettinad masala made with poppy seeds, grated coconut, and a lot of whole spices.


                                                                    recipe here e1623222589653


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Kadhai Chicken

This sweet and spicy kadai chicken is one of the most popular chicken curry recipes in India. Here chicken simmered spicy tomato-onion puree with flavorful kadai masala, mix with cubed bell peppers, and onions. This lip-smacking easy Indian chicken dishes can be served with steamed rice or rotis, whatever you’d like the best. 


                                              recipe here e1623222589653


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Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken biryani recipe is an authentic Mughlai dish to prepare at home on occasion. Traditionally chicken biryani is cooked in the ” dum method ” ” slow cooking method ”  brought in by the Mughals. Here food is cooked in a ‘handi’, the lid sealed with flour and on low heat. The sealed steam helps to cook the food.



                                         recipe here e1623222589653

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Hyderabadi Biryani

When we talk of chicken biryani, the first thing that comes to our mind is the all-time favourite Hyderabadi biryani. This homemade Hyderabadi chicken biryani will definitely give you mouth-melting flavour and a perfect heavenly experience! Here is the step-by-step instructions on how you can make it at home. 



.recipe here e1623222589653

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Indian Chicken Soup

Have you tried this healthy chicken soup recipe Indian style? This very easy chicken soup is made with lots of fresh vegetables which have lots of nutrients and boiled chicken full of proteins. It is not only super delicious but also helps to improve its immunity. You can easily cook this healthy soup recipe at home with step-by-step instructions



                                               recipe here e1623222589653

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Chicken Hot n Sour Soup

Want to cook hot and spicy restaurant-style chicken soup for an evening dish? Then try this chicken hot and sour soup recipe. 



recipe here e1623222589653


So go on and cook this delicious list of Indian chicken recipes. You can try a different recipe every week and surprise your friends and family. If you love spicy food, tweak the recipes according to your taste.

And most important do let us know, which one of these easy chicken recipes you loved most in the comment section below. 


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13 Best Indian Chicken Recipes ( Easy Indian chicken dishes )

most popular indian chicken recipes , easy chicken recipes

Looking for the best Indian chicken recipes for your family? Then must try these easy Indian chicken dishes and follow step-by-step instructions.


  1. Choose your favorite Indian chicken recipes.
  2. Now start preparing easy chicken recipes for your family by following step by step instructions.
  3. Enjoy this delicious chicken recipes with your family.

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